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Explosive Expression
The volcano in my chest
erupts when I'm around you.
The molten lava bubbles in my stomach;
it overheats my face and the melts my heart.
You'll be dying to harvest
the diamonds forming inside me;
if I'm not careful, that'll be all you want.
Eventually, they'll coat my entire body. 
Keep cool, keep concealing!
Don't let him see
your instability
and vulnerability.
He burns his hands
when he touches me,
but he says he likes the feeling.
I hate the power he has over me.
If that lava ever stops boiling,
and the love ever ceasing broiling,
yet another flimsy layer of trust issues
will be encasing, hardening
my heart again.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 6 5
Fireworks broke the sky
when I was born.
They are not typical
for the day of my birth,
but nonetheless they are beautiful.
My arrival was blessed by a miracle 
or perhaps cursed by a mistake.
Same as the fireworks,
I am either a miracle or a mistake.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 9 9
I revel about an exotic garden,
a moment with company and culture. 
I recall the gentle whistles of the heated breeze
floating about, and the lingering aromas
of fresh mint and honey-laced peaches
whisk my mind to that forgotten public terrace.
The silence of the current pale night
commences the realization
of my solitary state.
It hypnotizes me onto another uncharted train of thought,
relinquishing those old delights
to the discretion my memory's winds.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 8 11
Common Ground
A woman wanders aimlessly during the night's prime hour with the desire to chase away the rising distress. Trudging in the merciless winter, everything from her bronze skin to her hefty snow boots contrast the fresh, delicate snow in the sleeping outskirts of the city’s most unfortunate district. Her night stroll brings her to the familiar weathered, cobblestone bridge only visited in times of angst; it is an old friend that endures time's trials alongside her. She turns her head to stare at the scene beside the bridge and hazel orbs settle on the city's silhouette on the horizon and move to the dark, icy river below.
Unbeknownst to her, a tall, fair man of similar circumstances occupies the bridge to seek an escape of his own from the posh, materialistic part of the city, which resides parallel to the woman’s slums and connected to them by the aging bridge. He finds himself equally distracted by his own distressing thoughts while gazing off into the midnight moon as the wo
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 3 2
Heartbeat of Music
In the english language,
is there a word to describe
the feeling of one's physical heart
being tethered to a song's bassline 
as they pound in sync with each other?
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 10 6
Love and Lust:
two gentlemen that dance
in the same masquerade. 
Lust wears an enticing mask
that mimics the facade of Love, 
yet both masks hide their imperfections.
He tricked me into trusting 
his forceful clench on my hips,
instead of Love's gentle caress
on my tear-stained cheeks.
But no amount of trust or untrust 
can foreshadow the deceit of Lust
or the pain of Love festering 
under those opulent masks.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 6 10
Confession #6
I wish I was in love with you
because you deserve to be loved,
but I'm simply in love with the feeling
of being wanted and adored.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 8 9
I watch their dark reflections,
these shadows that stretch and bend.
Each passing pedestrian has their own
thoughts, emotions, and worries
to race in their head
as they race to their destination.
I come to the conclusion
that we all share this moment,
but none of those eyes
are watching me with such mental detail
as I have done to them.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 8 14
        I am walking down an infinite path, entranced and oblivious, as my snow-white, thigh-length, satin slip sways loosely from flimsy vines for straps around my petite figure.  It is only by the awakening of my senses that I am violently ripped out of a gravitational daze, halting my body’s unconscious obedience.  The sun that sets behind me blesses the sky with a majestic afterglow of vast clouds and hues as pink as the cherry blossom petals that soar in the sudden gales.  Startled by the forceful gusts, I squeeze my eyes shut and shield my face with my bare, mocha-colored arm, but soon a gentle breeze reclaims the atmosphere.  I proceed to venture down the weathered, cobblestone trail that is rendered imperfect due to the bulging roots of the blossoming, dark-wooded trees that align near both sides of the path.  My mind awes at the contrasting features of the sakuras: their wide trunks split and extend into slender bran
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 3 3
Confession #5
I get angry with certain people
when they have the audacity
to endlessly preach to me about a lesson
they shouldn't bother teaching.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 3 7
Doll's Domain
All that remains is the empty shell
of the woman I adored.
You used to be so bright, 
like a charging super nova.
But now I can't understand
how you became a pile of broken stars.
You'll be a doll in a pretty, plastic mansion,
unable to rebel against the ugly,
deafening denial screaming in your ears.
I know you see the signs.
I know you see where this is going.
Stop shutting us out
because you'll be the one who'll be isolated.
Stop pushing aside the ones who doubted,
because you never know if we're right.
You protest the abuse others endure, 
yet you can't envision that they use to be you.
Before you know it, 
you'll be as broken as your surroundings.
Please know that we're trying to save you,
we were, are, and always will be.
But if you're going to sacrifice what you had for what you'll get, 
just know you're bargaining me.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 4 7
Lost in Translation
History is told
without the mystery
of my story.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 4 3
Just Not the One
I know you're not the one
when your hands 
make my skin feel dirty
and your eyes
make me feel hunted.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 4 2
I'm fine, really.
Walking under a 
streetlight with feet swimming in
fog, 'lone and serene.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 3 2
Locked away
I talked to "hood" kids
from my old, high, brick tower.
"Stay away from them!"
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 2 0
Waste of Time
I spent my time
burning paper stars
with midnight oil and lighters
from everlasting concerts
of dancing colors.
:icon24-stars-of-nirvana:24-Stars-of-Nirvana 10 10


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I think I just became a self-proclaimed heartthrob...

It's a wild statement, but I thought I'd put in the digital universe.

...You know what'll be rad though?

If this electra prom queen melted all the boys' brains with her mental hip pop choreo!

So there you go, procrastinating, misunderstood me.

You've got no excuse now.

Show up and own life with some lipstick, liner, & funky hairstyles!

Most of all, let the rock music no one listens to spirit you away.
  • Listening to: AlunaGeorge, Anne-Marie, Jammy and the Smack
  • Reading: Nylon mag (& a lot of fanfics)
  • Watching: that blizzard cave in NYC
  • Playing: with fire (and nail polish?)
  • Eating: the forbidden fruit of young love
  • Drinking: UNICORN MILK!


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